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October 2, 2008 8:57 pm Published by 1 Comment

This morning the Portland Mercury did a great write up on Bacon Today. Patrick Alan Coleman, a regular food writer for the paper, said some great things about Bacon Today. He did, however, make one faux pas. Mr. Coleman stated that Bacon Today author (and head chef) Mike Kirsch was in fact Mr. B — that the two men are one and the same.

Well my bacon-loving friends, we realized soon after reading Mr. Coleman’s great article that we really haven’t given Mr. B. his due here at Bacon Today. In fact, we’ve recently decided to step up our promotional efforts and give you all a better idea of just who Mr. B. is and why we formed Bacon Today in his honor. To learn more about Mr. B. and the history of Bacon Today, Read this interview I recently gave to fellow baconophile (the one and only “Bacon Freak“) Rocco Loosbrock for News Blaze.

On a side note…we encourage you to read more articles by writer Patrick Alan Coleman. He’s a pretty honest food critic in the Portland aread and a darn good writer. And no, he didn’t pay us to say that 🙂

–Corey James

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