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We got a nice write up in the October 14 Los Angeles issue of Thrillist. You should check out their daily list and subscribe. Good stuff (I mean c’mon, they like BACON!).

Here’s the article:


Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

Bacon Today

The 24-hour news cycle’s adept at overwhelming you with politics, the economy, and kidnappings of attractive people, but can it keep you up-to-date on the most crucial topic of all, sizzling breakfast meat? Now it can, with Bacon Today.

Thrillist – Bacon Today’s a regularly updated piggy news center, set up like a legit CNN-style site with categories like Economics, Entertainment, and “Bacon Around Town”; the idea was hatched by an Orange County cinematographer and a jazz webcaster whose Love Supreme is clearly not kosher. The duo both trolls the web and creates their own content, with items ranging from anti-pork-barrel activists sending Ohio congressman John Boehner raw bacon (“The Boehner Bacon Scare“), to film-set catering tables brimming with the good stuff (“Bacon Goes Hollywood“), to the authors’ own attempt at vigilante justice (smuggling bacon into In-N-Out). On the lifestyle side, there’s the innovative Smaste index (a trademarked formula hybridizing smell & taste), plus a slew of recipes, most awesomely bacon-laced cinnamon rolls, Bacon Diet Coke, and serving bowls made entirely of bacon, which you would presumably put bacon in, or possibly potpourri.

To bring in the man on the street (you), there’s also a hotline with a jaunty theme song where readers can drop tips and thoughts, the best of which’ll be posted online as MP3s. Unfortunately, this level of bacon integration will ensure that, when you get kidnapped, the story will remain relatively hush-hush.

Mmmm, unexplained bacon:


Article originally seen on Thrillist.

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