Bacon The Musical

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Good for you, drug dealer off the streets. Let’s have sex.” -Australian improviser in “Bacon: the Musical”

Musicals have always been my passion. When I was a kid, I eschewed Transformers and even Smurfs to watch “The Music Man” and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” over and over again. I have written several musicals including “Survivor: The Musical” and others. It has often been said that what separates a properly written musical from poor dinner theater is the transition from speech to song: the highest plane a musical can achieve is when a character’s emotions are such that words are no longer sufficient, she will make the leap to song.

Which brings us to “Bacon: The Musical.” The product of Twisted Melon, an Australian improv company who has fallen prey to the “wacky name” trope. All improvisers know that, with very few exceptions, improv is a “you had to be there” art form, like jazz in many ways: what makes it special is being in the room when idea becomes execution simultaneously. And all kinds of theater are notoriously difficult to videotape, improv perhaps more than any other.

Yet for those who care to find it, Twisted Melon’s “Bacon the Musical” is available to watch on YouTube. The show has a pleasant conceit: “Blank the Musical.” The audience fills in the blank: in this instance, the blank was bacon, and this show resulted. The show has been cut past the point of recognition, though at 9 minutes it is more than anyone should sit through. However, this will probably be your only opportunity to watch an improvised musical based on bacon performed by Australian, so crack open a Foster’s, dip some bacon in it, and give it a go: you’ll find yourself crying “Encore!” with a mouth full of crumbled bacon.

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