Bacon Tattoo

July 4, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts


We’ve written about some interesting bacon tattoos in the past. In fact, we’ve even contemplated getting one of our own (okay, maybe just me and Mike said I might be slightly off my rocker). Today we bring you a find from our good buddy Brett who is a tattoo connoisseur of sorts and a big fan of bacon.

Brett pointed us to this photo on Flickr. The tattoo was done by Jason Standridge and the holder of the art is Chris Ford. According to Chris, “There was a conversation that took place between me and some friends and the outcome was me getting a bacon tattoo. When I sobered up, I remembered that I wanted the bacon tat and got it!”

Yes my bacon-loving friends, when we sobered up he remembered he wanted the bacon tattoo. Mention that to the naysayers that tell you only drunk folks get bacon emblazened on their bodies. Chris, you are a true hero of bacon.

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