Bacon Sushi – Again

July 18, 2009 12:01 am Published by 5 Comments

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BT reader K Linn wrote in to share this creation that she developed for bacon sushi.  When we made bacon sushi, we did it as a salmon dish. The great thing about sushi, though, is that there are just so many combo possibilities.

Here’s what K had to say about her dish:

“So, we’ve all seen Spam Musubi, right? Why not try it with bacon? I made these rolls this morning at 3 am. The rice is only flavored with a little sesame oil. I’m still contemplating dipping sauces; mayo is calling out to me for some reason.”

Sushi is a wonderful dish – healthy and relatively inexpensive, depending on how you make it. K’s dish looks to be very well constructed, and the bacon looks perfect. I would order that in a restaurant for sure.

— Mike

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  • Spam Masubi is heavenly.

    And K is right … mayo might sound odd, but it would probably work with this. Maybe mayo with just a little miso mixed in.

    I’m going to have to make this. Since my wife eats bacon, but won’t tough raw fish, this is something the whole family can enjoy.

  • Jeff says:

    Bacon musabi is actually carried in some 7-11’s in Hawaii. Despite my unconditional love for bacon, the original ol’ spam musabi is a little bit better in my opinion. Maybe with the correct dipping sauce (I like the miso mayo idea) this could be glorious.

  • K Linn says:

    Woo! It’s great to see that up!

    I ended up trying soy sauce because I didn’t have any mayo on hand. It wasn’t right for it, too salty, too big a flavor even dipped the tiniest bit. It drowned out the bacon, overpowered it right away. I like the miso idea too, but also think maybe mayo mixed with a little sugar and some chopped green onion might be good too.

  • Wasabi Prime says:

    Yeah, the remind me of the spam musubi in Da Islands, which is never a bad thing. I’ve used the bacon-flavored Spam to make musubi, and that’s a chimera of awesome deliciousness. Maybe Bacon Sushi 2.0 could include a layer of scrambled egg, adding a tamago twist and giving breakfast a run for its money!

  • Sushi Greg says:

    This looks super tasty! Not something I would have ever thought of. Although, I don’t think you would need any dipping sauce, I would think the bacon flavor alone would be enough.

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