Bacon Survival Skills

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Creativity is abloom in the world of bacon.

We know from past experience that having a bag of bacon along with you on a journey can be a good thing. (Mmmm… In-n-out!) And hiking outdoors is no different. When you’re exploring the world you can’t always get by with earthy-crunchy-granola-Al-Gore-ultimate-frisbee food. Nope. Occasionally you still need some classic meat products to get you up over that ledge.

Enter Allison Y., a BT reader with a penchant for the outdoors and a taste for the candy of meats. She wrote in to tell us this story about a recent excursion into the Great Outdoors…

Hey guys,

My boyfriend and I are rock climbers and when you’re out in the woods for days at a time, cooking becomes a bit tedious. However we make a point to have bacon most mornings before we hike into whatever crag we are at. A couple weeks ago we happened to have some leftover bacon *gasp* so we packed it up to have as a snack later in the day. Lunch while you’re out climbing is usually comprised of a PB&J, Clif Bars, and lots of water. However, this one special day, I happened to have a bag of bacon as well, and got the genius idea to sneak those slices into my PB&J. My life was changed. I haven’t gone back to plain PB&Js since. If you haven’t tried this already, do it. Let me know what you think!

As with many of the recipes that have been suggested to BT over the years, we haven’t tried this one yet, but it sure does sound good. If you have tried PB&J with bacon or if you decide to give it a go, please leave a comment below to let us all know if the results are repeatable.

We might even try this ourselves at some point, because it does sound entirely delicious. So spread that bread, fry up some bacon and pack a bag.

We’ll see you on the road!

— Mr. B

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  • been there done that says:

    Next Step? Butter both sides and grill it. Best with Strawberry jelly

  • Aaron N. says:

    Potbelly’s is the perfect place to find an excellent PBJB. The oil from the peanut butter combines with the grease in the bacon to form what I affectionately call ‘groil’. As Allison said, you will never go back to plain PBJ.

  • randy c says:

    Have been eating this for years. Usually on toast, it’s great!

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