Bacon Survival Kit

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Are you planning a family camping trip? Are you driving across the country to visit Grandma? Or are you just riding your motorcycle to the middle of the desert for some good old fashiond soul searching?

Whatever the case, you should always be prepared when you travel. You should have a first aid kit, mobile phone, and most importantly — plenty of bacon. “But wait” you say, “bacon needs to be refridgerated and I’ve only got so much ice in the cooler.” Well, with a little searching you can find all the bacon products you need to keep you full of the good stuff while you wait to get rescued from that avalanche.


Introducing the ultra-portable bacon survival kit. We cobbled together just a few items that can keep you from going mad from lack of bacon for at least a day or two. After that , you’re on your own. “Oh c’mon, I could ration my bacon and eat just a little a day,” you’re thinking. Sure, you just go ahead and try to resist.

Included in our first attempt at the ultimate bacon survival kit are: Bacon & Cheddar cheese flavored spread, Rocco’s Bacon Flavored Seasoning, Bacon & Cheese Flavored Crickets, and Yoder’s Bacon in a Can, and a portable can opener. (Read Mike’s article for more info on the canned bacon)

On our latest bikes & bacon camping trip we took along this survival kit and thought of many ways that the well-preserved and protien-rich food could be combined with other items in your backpack to vary your survival meals. Right out of the box though, here’s the meal we tried and enjoyed quite thoroughly…

Bacon-Wrapped Crickets

photo(7) photo(6) photo(5)

photo(4) photo(3) photo(2)


Making bacon-wrapped crickets from the bacon survival kit is quite simple. They even taste okay when you’re not starving and waiting for rescue.

Smaste™ rating for Yoder’s bacon in a can alone: 39.988 (I loved this stuff)

Smaste™ rating for bacon-wrapped crickets: 15.332 (only recommended when you need your bacony-nutrients)

Smaste™ rating when you’re trapped in the woods and have been without bacon for a few days: priceless

Do you have any other ideas for items that could be included in the bacon survival kit?
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