Bacon Spokesman: CBS’s “Big Brother” Adam Poch

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Meet Adam Poch: A fellow bacon lover and recent contestant on CBS’s show, “Big Brother”. While he didn’t win the show, he did however, win the hearts of other bacon fanatics. The world learned of his love for the original “90210”, Tori Spelling, and of course; bacon. And as we’ve heard through our salty grapevine, he’s rapidly becoming quite the spokesman for bacon. Well, we wanted to test his devotion to bacon because many other contenders have tried to rise up to such a prestigious entitlement. Read on to see if he has the gumption.

Bacon Today: So, being a bacon enthusiast, when did your love for bacon begin?
Adam Poch: As far back as I can remember! My father used to always cook bacon on the weekends. My bedroom was right near the kitchen, so I would wake up to the delicious smell of bacon. So of course I would always wake up happy when there was bacon cooking!
BT: Waking up to the smell of bacon would make any kid happy.
AP: Bacon just makes everything better.

BT: True. What would you say your favorite bacon recipe is?
Adam Poch:I do not have one favorite recipe myself, but by far the best use of bacon I have ever eaten, was Dynamo Donuts in San Fran[cisco]. They have a bacon-apple maple donut that is out of this world. Look at this thing!

BT: That sounds delicious! And… different. Bacon, apple, and maple. Wow. What a mix of flavors. What would you say is the craziest bacon recipe that you’ve ever heard of?
AP: If I could mention another website? Epic Meal Time’s Bacon Explosion. I have yet to try it, but one of these days I WILL!!!

BT: Well, the BBQ Addicts are the ones who came up with the Bacon Explosion, but we’ll let that one slide. The Epic Meal Time guys sure are an innovative and entertaining bunch. Moving on… Have you tried the Bacontini?
AP: To be honest – I love Appletini’s and I love bacon – but, I have never had a Bacontini.

BT: You should! Have you tried any other bacon and booze drinks though? There are a few others out there.
AP: I’m a huge bourbon fan, and have had Bacon flavored bourbon in a Manhattan. It was so good. I learned how to make it at a Bacon Bourbon event at Astor Wines.

BT: Mmm, sounds good. Bacon bourbon sure is a good treat. Speaking of treats, when you were on the show, “Big Brother”, you received a bunch of bacon products. Did you end up sharing them with the others?
AP: Of course I did – the only thing better than eating bacon is sharing bacon. The Gummy Bacon is not made from real bacon, but it is still delicious. I also got some hot pockets and potato skins with bacon – so I shared them with the other HGs [House Guests]. On the first morning, I made my mark on the house by cooking up two pounds of bacon, and left the plate on the counter. Everyone was laughing at me, but before you know it, it was all gone.

BT: Two pounds of bacon is quite a bit. And not eating any of it yourself is tough. But really, how many slices of bacon could you eat in one sitting?
AP: I never counted, but let’s just say there have been some breakfast buffets that asked me to leave since there wasn’t any bacon left for anyone else!

BT: Being asked to leave a buffet? Wow. That shows some serious love… or gluttony. We’re not really sure which though. Depends on who you’re asking, I suppose.
AP: Haha!

BT: Speaking of love, if you could be with Tori Spelling but you had to give up bacon completely, would you do it?
AP: I can always watch Tori on TV and eat bacon. She’s happily married, and I have a wonderful girlfriend. We both have bacon. Let’s leave things as it is!

BT: That works. With that being said, we know it’s an odd question but we just think they’re super cool. Tell me, would you ever wear a bacon suit?
AP: Yes, but only if it was made of real bacon!

BT: Really? That’s impressive. Where would you wear it to? A bar? The movies?
AP: I would wear it everywhere!

BT: Everywhere?
AP: Except the zoo. The animals may attack me!

BT: Ha, well that is most likely true. Although, you may get the same reaction from pork-loving men… and women. But lastly, if you had to describe bacon in only three words, what would they be?

Well, there you have it! Adam Poch is a man who gets kicked out of buffets for devouring all the bacon and wouldn’t give up bacon for any woman. He is also a man who is completely willing to wear a bacon suit out on the town. Definitely sounds like a good candidate for a Bacon Spokesman, to us. Anyone who is willing to wear crispy, greasy slabs of bacon on themselves while sipping a Bacontini at a bar gets our vote. Adam Poch, you can be our bacon hero any day. Just for that, we give you a T-shirt and thank you for wearing it out with pride. And if you would like to hear more of what Adam has to say, follow him on twitter @HeavyMetalTeddy or through his blog.
Bacon lovers unite!

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