Bacon Soda? Yes—It’s Real

November 17, 2010 5:00 am Published by 4 Comments

Those crafty Jones Soda folks, makers of distinctively flavored drinks with cool labels, have launched a new soda that’s sure to keep bacon lovers in pork-fueled conniptions.

Jones recently introduced its new bacon-flavored soda, which is made in partnership with J&D’s Foods, the makers of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, BaconPOP and Bacon Gravy. (If you love bacon and/or just enjoy life on the edge, the sodas can be purchased at and

Curious lovers of bacon-fueled drinks and foods can even order two bottles of the salty bacon soda; a bag of J&D’s Cheddar BaconPOP™ bacon and cheddar flavored popcorn; J&D’s Bacon Lip Balm; and a package of J&D’s Bacon Gravy for $9.99 plus shipping and handling.

Jones Soda and the team at J&D’s Foods dedicated a team of flavor experts to the development of the soda to harness bacon’s flavor in carbonated form. Both companies say the successful launch of the new soda may only be the beginning of a bacon-based partnership.

But, we ask, why?

“Bacon is like the eighth wonder of the world,” says Mike Spear, Jones Soda’s marketing director. “We spend a lot of time listening to our customers on social media sites, and we couldn’t help but take notice of the hundreds of thousands of people taking part in bacon discussion boards and fan groups right now. We felt it was our duty as leaders in the premium soda category to carbonate bacon’s salty goodness.

“Our job is to give our customers the flavors they love, and they undoubtedly love bacon. This was the perfect alignment for us,” Spear added. “Until now, it was impossible to guzzle your favorite breakfast meat, so this is a huge step for bacon lovers everywhere and may be the start of a very long relationship.”

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