Bacon Soda Float

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Yeah, you read that correctly. Bacon soda float. If you’re sitting there, scratching your head, with a ridiculous befuddled expression painted across your face, think: “Root Beer Float”. But instead of Root Beer, you use Bacon Soda.
Now do you understand? Good. If not, you should probably stick to picture books.

Bacon is the new badass food all over the internet. It’s in your email, invading your memes, clogging up your Facebook feed with photos of its glory, and transposing its allure into something almost enigmatic. Some could argue that bacon is the hipster of the food world. Others would say it’s more like a pirate. Plundering food booty for its pleasure! Arr! Ok, that last one we made up. We just wanted to use the word “booty” and thought that a bacon strip wearing an eye patch would look cool.

Anyway, you get it. Bacon is awesome.

So check it! This recipe is so easy, a dog with thumbs could make one!

Bacon Soda
Ice Cream (We used Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream and it was the most delicious float we’ve ever tasted. You could try other ice cream flavors but this one paired the best with the bacon soda. If you want to start simple, go with vanilla.)

Really? You really need directions for this part? Fine, we’ll indulge your dependency.
Put a couple scoops of ice cream in a cup. Fill with soda. Start slowly. You may have to move the ice cream around a bit with your straw to ensure that the soda gets to the bottom. Garnish with a bacon strip if you want.

Then suck down the sweet, sweet glory of bacon in a glass. You’re welcome.


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