Bacon Should Not Be Worshiped

November 22, 2008 12:01 am Published by 3 Comments

Bacon is many things to many people. Far be it for us to dictate how people feel about the greatest meat to ever grace planet Earth. Here at Bacon Today we try to stand on the side of bacon at all times, while maintaining an impartial view of the way in which nature’s meat candy is appreciated. Today however, we take a decidedly partial stance in regard to the separation of church & bacon.

A web site exists called This web site is filled with community-created tomes of bacon verse that lead one to believe a higher order of bacon living is possible. While we believe this to be the case, we would argue that “baconlightenmet” can be achieved simply through purchasing high quality bacon and cooking it to your preferred consistency. One doesn’t have to trudge through religious texts and hymnals to reach baconirvana. One simply has to cook, eat, and enjoy.

So do what you will and live how you like, but while you wander this great big world we ask you to keep one thing in mind — no matter what you do and no matter what crazy twists life throws at you, one thing always remains a constant…and that is bacon. Sweet, sweet bacon is now and shall forever be that great, cohesive bond that ties us all together — within or outside the hallowed halls of a bacon-wrapped church.

Oh, who are we kidding? We love the Holy Church of Bacon web site! Visit and enjoy 🙂

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