Bacon Shell Tacos (AKA “Bacos”)

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Fellow bacon lover Grant has created one of the most spectacular uses of bacon we’ve seen in quite some time. The BACO! Before we get too far into things though, a word from Grant on pronunciation:

baco ba·co [bah-koh]
Success embodied and carved into a convenient hand-sized package of glory.

See, it’s not “bake-o”, it is “bah-koh“, got it? You know, like a taco. A taco BUT WITH A BACON SHELL! Here is a rhyme you may use to help you with this pronounciation: “Crumble crumble little taco, don’t you wish you were a baco?” Also you may use this classic: “One, two, buckle my taco/ three, four, give me a baco.”

baco-moldTo state things simply, the baco is a taco made with a shell of 100% bacon. The steps to make this tasty treat are fairly simple.

  1. Make a woven bacon shell, put it over a mold and bake it until crispy
  2. Fill the bacon shell with all the yummy toppings you desire
  3. Eat and be merry

It really is that simple and Grant has simplified the process even further for you by providing you a recipe guide for many types of bacos:

  • Breakfast Baco
  • Greek Baco
  • Caprese Baco
  • Rosemary Baco

We’ve got only one suggestion for you — make yourself a baco…and smile 🙂

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