Bacon Scented Candles – The Alluring Aroma Of “Meat Candy”

June 21, 2010 5:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We all agree that the scent of bacon wafting intoxicatingly through the room is one of the most enduring ad alluring aromas known to human kind. Just as true as the belief that “everything should taste like bacon” … is the next logical axiom; that “everything should SMELL like bacon.”

But what does one do about those odd unfortunate times and circumstances where having bacon cooking on the grill in the room is somewhat inconvenient or perhaps even to some degree, potentially inappropriate?

For example, some employers might look disdainfully down on the idea of you grilling bacon in your office, particularly during an important business meeting with clients. Also, contrary to popular belief, grilling bacon on your George Foreman grill while in bed, seeking that ultimate “breakfast in bed” experience can actually be far messier and a lot more dangerous than conventionally believed.

And while it’s true that significant social and familial celebratory events such as one’s wedding, the birth or christening of a baby, or lifetime achievement recognition and retirement party should most definitely include lot’s of bacon, it may not be copasetic or in line with local fire codes to have the bacon actually frying on the premises during the featured time of merriment.

But now Bacon Freak has come to the rescue and just in the nick of time, brought the world the one thing that everyone can agree that we need most … Bacon Scented Candles!

Now, there’s no longer a need to hitch your gas burning grill to the back of your car whenever you leave home or worry about those annoying burns and grease fire damage to the carpet, nearby furniture and occasional co-worker at the office or the drapes, pillows, expensive artwork and guests in the living room.

Instead, just simply light the wick of one of your Bacon Freak Meat Candy Candles, or what true Baconista’s simply refer to as “Bacon Candy Candles” and spread the sheer joy and good cheer of bacon aroma throughout the entire room.

Now you can enjoy the sensuously seductive smell of sizzling, savory bacon … without having to cook it. Enjoy!

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