Bacon, Sausage and More Bacon – The Bacon Explosion

Every now and then we find a recipe that MUST be shared.  You may remember the Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Yule Log from Day 1 of our 12 Days of a Bacon-Wrapped Christmas. If you missed it then, you can still see it now on our YouTube Channel. Put simply, it was a pound of cheese wrapped in roughly a pound of bacon.

In the great tradition of rolled foods comes the Bacon Explosion. Get your smokers ready, because I think you’re all going to want to try this one.

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Take a quick trip over to BBQ Addicts and check out the Bacon Explosion. This thing has been getting mad press coverage, too. The Kansas City Star gave this creation an incredible write up just yesterday.


It’s a great recipe. It starts with a BT favorite – the woven bacon mat. On top of that they spread a huge amount of sausage, followed by more bacon – real fried bacon pieces – and BBQ seasoning. After that they roll the thing up and throw it in a smoker. When it’s all done, they slather it with BBQ sauce so that it looks like this…


The result? A bacon extravaganza that will send your taste buds on a fantastic bacon voyage. Special thanks to Jason, Burnt Finger BBQ and the BBQ Addicts blog for bringing this amazing creation to life.

— Mr. B

Update: Some fine folks have made the bacon explosion and documented the event on video. Via Bacon Unwrapped.

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