Bacon Salt — Nature Tried, Justin and Dave Made it Happen

“Bacon Salt is a zero calorie, vegetarian, Kosher certified seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real bacon.”

That’s right folks – now EVERYTHING can taste like bacon. Imagine the pure bliss you’ll experience when chomping on some bacon salted corn on the cob, maybe a little bacon bread, or *GASP* maybe even bacon flavored bacon??? It’s almost too good to be true.

To prove the worthiness of this delectable seasoning, take the words of Mellisa, wife of a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan who received some free treats via Operation Bacon Salt:

My husband is a bacon FANATIC. He always says that there’s no food product that cannot be improved by the addition of bacon. I think it’s a food group by itself for him. As such, being in Afghanistan, he’s feeling rather bacon deprived.

Well my friends, the Canadian Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan is bacon deprived no more. Justin & Dave hooked them up with some bacon salt and made their stay in the desert a bit more tolerable. All thanks to bacon.

–Mr. B.

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