Bacon Popcorn

June 10, 2010 5:00 am Published by 4 Comments

A new product is on the market from the folks that brought you Bacon Salt. Their new item is Bacon Popcorn. We’re somewhat skeptical on the potential of popcorn kernels to hold bacon flavor, but are willing to take a shot and try some. J & D’s…send a box our way will ya?

You can buy bacon popcorn direct from J & D’s on their web site.

Have you tried this bacon popcorn? Let us know what you think.

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  • Josh says:

    I made popcorn using Original Bacon Salt last night. It wasn’t very good. I would have preferred to use normal salt. Maybe it’s just the artificial flavoring. While this stuff works well as a novelty, I don’t see it as having any real culinary value at all…

  • Nellie says:

    My brother in law keep all the drippings produced during the regular baconification of other foods. He uses this for things like greasing a pan for bread, adding additional bacon flavor to salad dressing and barbeque sauce and/or popping popcorn.

    When popcorn is desired, he basically whoops out a big ‘ol tablespoon of drippings, places it in a hot pan, adds the corn and… you should know the rest.

    As someone who dislikes regular microwave popcorn because of the travesty that is butter flavoring enough to not eat microwave popcorn at all, I think this is just plain dangerous.

    Do us a favor, BaconToday… try this stuff and critique it.

  • The Pope... From TV says:

    Dude it’s BACON POPCORN. Screw butter, I’m going to drizzle that with syrup.

  • Mr. Schmooshies says:

    I was extremely disappointed with bacon popcorn. It doesn’t really taste like bacon, or even bacon salt. The flavor is extremely subtle, and nothing like the bacorn I would make by popping up a batch of popcorn, dumping it in a giant bowl, and covering it in bacon salt. That was what I was expecting, but not what I got. Unfortunately, I’ve gotta say to avoid this particular bacon product.

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