Bacon Pineapple Pizza at the Capri

April 25, 2010 8:20 pm Published by 3 Comments

A recent trip to Superior, WI provided an unexpected bacon experience. We stopped at Vintage Italian Pizza (VIP), which is connected to the Capri bar and grabbed a bacon & pineapple pizza.

The pie arrived not long after we ordered and was steaming hot. Complimented by a pitcher of tasty beer the pizza really hit the spot. If you’re ever in the Superior, WI area and have a bacon craving, swing by VIP & the Capri to get your fix.

On a side note, my buddy Matt debuted his latest concoction – the BeerMosa. Similar to the traditional champagne/orange juice Mimosa found on so many a Sunday brunch, this drink is simple…beer & OJ. Give it a shot. Matt promises it’s excellent.

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  • Lain says:

    Is it just me or does that bacon not look “real”? Sorry, but it doesn’t. Those bacon crumbles you can buy a huge bag of at Sam’s Club look more real to me. Also, the pineapple is either very small, there’s not much of it, or it’s missing altogether. No offense to whomever made the pizza, it’s just, c’mon, surely you can do better than that!

    Also, beer and OJ should only be combined in the same sentence describing how one randomly saw OJ Simpson drinking a beer at the local bar. Just sayin’.

  • Corey James says:

    Lain you’re right, there wasn’t much pineapple but who are we kidding? We’re not eating that pizza for the pineapple, we’re there for the bacon. Speaking of the bacon I can guarantee it was real, thick sliced, diced bacon. I can see how you’d think otherwise with the poor quality mobile phone photo though.

  • randall says:

    The BeerMosa…well that’s been around for many, many years its called a Lunch Box and it is served with a shot of amaretto that is dropped in the glass right before you drink it…a surprisingly delicious combination.

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