Bacon Peanutella Afternoon Snackwich

When you say “Nutella,” many words immediately spring to mind. Like, “crepes.” Or, “delicious.” And, “lawsuit.” Those of you who watch TV probably saw the Nutella commercials that promoted the product as a healthy way to get kids to eat their whole grains. Eventually they were sued by a mother who began feeding it to her kid, then discovered that a chocolate spread isn’t actually that healthy.

Hearing this news got me thinking about my own favorite childhood snack: Jif peanut butter on Wonder bread, downed with a glass of milk. So I thought, why not create a “Peanutella” sandwich, and make it even better with bacon? Whatever your age, this “snackwich” is suitable any time of day when you’ve got a bacon craving, Nutella craving, or peanut butter craving. And if you happen to have all three going on at once, this sandwich is ideal!

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It’s easy to throw together, especially since we know all you bacon fans keep massive amounts of pre-cooked bacon in your refrigerator. Pull a few slices out, nuke ‘em or eat ‘em cold if that’s your thing, and layer away. You don’t have to create this many stacks, but I had a hungry office to feed so I went big. Or, you can go even bigger. I recommend toasting the bread if you go any higher for ease of slicing.

Bacon, Nutella and Peanut Butter are a delicious trinity of salty, sweet and savory. I divvied it up into quarters and all who tried it found it to be a scrumptious, filling afternoon snack that tasted great with afternoon coffee. In retrospect, I should’ve gone bigger, but hey, there’s always next time!


White sandwich bread
Jif peanut butter (or your preferred brand)
Cooked bacon


1. Spread Nutella on bread. Top with bacon.
2. Spread peanut butter on bread. Place bread over bacon, peanut butter side down.
3. Add Nutella to other side of bread. Repeat until desired height is achieved.
4. Devour and enjoy!

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