Bacon Patriotism

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Bacon seems to be an increasing trend amongst us hungry, meat-worshipping Americans. With the infiltration of bacon food trucks in society, meals revolving completely around bacon, and the infamous Turbaconducken… One can see its rising popularity.

Turbaconducken, you ask?

Ah yes, that would be a chicken stuffed in duck, stuffed in a turkey, all wrapped in bacon… Ridiculous and over-the-top? Probably. A heart-attack waiting to happen? Maybe. But mouth-watering and delicious? Absolutely! See what I mean about this bacon craze?

And most of these meat loving Americans love their country as much as their pan-fried pork. I mean, it’s America! We have freedom of speech, expression, and most importantly… eating whatever we want! We’re always looking for new ways to include bacon into our hectic lives. Why? Because simply put, bacon is pure concentrated “awesome”.

So, what goes well with bacon? Clearly, most bacon fanatics would say, “everything!” But anyone would agree that you can’t beat the old fashioned bacon and pancakes. As your bacon sizzles and pops in the pan, the red of the pork meat and white of the tasty fats become more apparent. And when you add blueberries to your pancakes… Well, you might as well start singing the Star Spangled Banner! The “Berries and Strips” tee combines this delicious breakfast and arranges it into the American Flag. And what makes this tee so “old glorious” is the slogan, “Give Me Bacon Or Give Me Death”. Well, isn’t that the truth! This tee represents both your love for your country as well as your deep appreciation for bacon! And we all know Patrick Henry truly believed that bacon and liberty go hand in hand. The “Berries & Strips” tee is not something you will find at your local superstore and is definitely not something to be missed. If you want to turn heads while announcing your pride, this shirt will definitely do so. To get your shirt, hop onto this site to get your very own slice of bacon patriotism. For other cool bacon tees and some original, swine-tastic clothing, we’ve got you covered here.

Eating bacon isn’t only a breakfast enjoyment, so being patriotic shouldn’t be reserved only for our nation’s holiday. Eat bacon anytime and show your country’s pride when you’re having a night on the town. Go ahead, people will love it. Nothing says “fun” like an awesome bacon tee.

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