Bacon Paintings – “The Seductiveness of Meat”

February 12, 2009 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment


Some artists paint majestic landscapes that aim to remind us of melencholy days we have yet to enjoy. Other painters recreate life in acrylic form through photo-realistic portaits of moderately famous celibrities and try to sell them to you while you and your sweetheart stroll along the beach.

Then there are the artists that focus on what’s really important. Painters that bring us renderings of all that is good and tasty in this world. Painters that paint…bacon.

Mike Geno is just such an artist. In his own words Mr. Geno says “I’m a painter and I’ve painted meat for a while now.” He sells his wares on (we’re particularly fond of “Bacon Love“) and states that people buy prints of bacon more than all other paintings combined. Bacon is love, indeed.

This November, bacon fans in the Philadelphia area will be treated to a special “Bacon Lovers” exhibit curated by Mike Geno. He is actively seeking bacon artists who wish to display their work at this upcoming show. If you are such an artist, please contact Mr. Geno directly at

We aim to continue bringing you more of Mr. Geno’s work here at Bacon Today. Bacon love everyone, bacon love.

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