Bacon on Fire

July 6, 2009 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

We’ve had scares in the past about bacon buildings on fire. To this point however, we’ve been lucky that the reports were either hoaxes or misinformation.

Today we are not so fortunate. Residents near the Patrick Cudahy meatpacking plant in Cudahy, WI were evacuated due to potentially hazardous ammonia fumes as the plant was engulfed in flames. A state of emergency was declared in the town by mayor Ryan McCue.

It has been confirmed that at least some bacon-related items were endangered due to this fire. Chief Operating Officer Bill Otis “said the area where the fire started contains dry storage, packing materials, and production with microwave bacon technology.”

Investigations as to the cause of this blaze are still being investigated. Our thoughts go out to the 19,000 residents of Cudhay, WI. We hope the damage is repairable and the plant can get back to full scale production soon.

Thanks to reader Bacon Dan for bringing this story to our attention.

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  • Kel says:

    This is a tragedy for our community. We are serious meat-loving folks and appreciate the value of thoughtfully prepared and cured products. Thousands will likely be on long-term lay-offs because of the fire and following damage.

  • In support of the town, I have to say that I love that they are developing “microwave bacon technology”. Until now, that’s something I always took for granted.

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