Bacon Number – Six Degrees of Bacon

What's your Bacon number?

A person’s “bacon number” refers to the Internet phenomenon called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. The concept runs on the assumption that everyone in Hollywood can be linked by their movie roles to actor Kevin Bacon in six steps or less.

When played as a game, players have to try to link the actor or actress to Kevin Bacon in the fewest steps possible. This game can also be played as a trivia game. The name of an actor is given and a person has to state how they are linked to Kevin Bacon.

The Bacon Number of an actor or an actress is the degrees of separation they are from Kevin Bacon. The higher the number the actor is given, the further they are away from Kevin.

Kevin has the number 0 in the game. An actor that has worked with him in a movie would have the number one. If an actor has worked with another actor that has worked directly with Kevin they would have a number of two.

Only 12% of actors have an undefined number which means they cannot be linked to Kevin in any way.

Kevin Bacon initially did not approve of this game but as the years went by he found it flattering that so many people can be linked to him.

Kevin Bacon approves of this thread

Kevin Bacon has been in a number of movies and has worked with many well-known actors and actresses. The Bacon number of an actor is almost like an indication of how famous they are.

In addition for people that have acted with Kevin directors, writers, and other members on the production crew also used these numbers if they have worked on a project with Kevin.

There are many actors that can be linked to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less. Kevin has been in many good movies so the higher the Bacon number an actor has the more of a compliment it usually is.

Check out the Oracle of Bacon and put in any actor or actress and find their bacon number!

Video of Kevin Bacon Playing Six Degrees of Bacon

Actor Kevin Bacon is a really good sport. Watch him play himself playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon in this hilarious video.

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