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(ANAHEIM, Calif., July 4, 2009) — BaconTies.combacon-tie is cooking up a sizzling necktie featuring the design of America’s favorite food – bacon. This tasty design is the brain child of John Turi, Founder. “Using my years as a graphic and necktie designer, mixed with the trendiness of everything bacon, the idea grew from a book of sketches to a final product that looked so much like bacon, I knew I had to manufacture and sell it,” Turi says.

“The precise production method and use of soft microfiber (soft like silk, but animal friendly) makes these ties very high-end and almost museum pieces onto themselves. The smoked bacon design is targeted for pop culture chic, dressers who understand style and above all else, bacon,” Turi explains. The bacon tie retails for $24.95. Wholesale pricing is available.


Smoked Bacon Neckwear is the label name for a bunch of creative graphic and fashion designers who saw a niche for kitsch with bacon. When we sat down to create a unique men’s tie, we never imagined that the now Famous Bacon Tie would be it. We started with sketches, many sketches, then on to numerous samples and arduous color correcting of the silk screens to get the crisp bacon look. When we saw the final version, we knew we had a winning novelty necktie. Having designed hundreds of neckties over the years for a few large ecommerce neckwear websites, we felt it was time to do something on our own that will be talked about for years to come. We hope you enjoy the Bacon Tie as much as we do.

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