Bacon Marriage Proposal

“I now pronounce you Mr. & Mrs. Bacon.” That may be what Allison and Chuck hear when they stand in front of family and friends at their upcoming wedding. Why you ask? Because Chuck proposed to Allison in the best way imaginable. He proposed with bacon!

We could attempt to wax poetic about the bacon marriage proposal, but we think Chuck says it best in his own words…

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“Allison loves bacon.  I cook it for her all time she wants to celebrate, needs cheering up, or just at random times to make her happy.  A couple Fridays ago I got off work early and sneaked over to her apartment to set up.  I had the roses, champagne, the ring, and of course, the bacon.  Wright’s Applewood Bacon to be precise.

I cooked up 4 pieces of bacon strategically so that they formed the shape of a heart.  Burned my fingers up quite a bit.  She had given me that tiny toy box you see in the photos that says I love you in it about a year ago when she first told me she loved me.  I always kept it.  I placed the ring inside it and then placed the box in the center of the bacon heart on the plate.  I strategically placed the plate in front of the roses so she would see it when she walked in while I played some of our favorite songs in the background.

She finally walked in after what seemed like hours and was definitely surprised to see me.  I go “hey honey, want some bacon?”  She instantly knew what was going on and frantically said “yeah, let me put my bags down”.  When she turned around I was on my knee with just the box.  I asked her if she remembered the box, then I spoke about our relationship and what she meant me and finished by popping the question.  She said yes and after only a few minutes of hugging and celebrating she says. “ok, can we eat the bacon now???”.

Needless to say, she said it was the best bacon she ever had.  I told her good cause I used it to make the rest of the dinner, bacon wrapped filet with a creamy butter sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and sweet peas.  Her eyes went wide with excitement over the prospect of more bacon and we proceeded to prepare and enjoy an excellent 1st dinner together as an engaged couple.”

A marriage proposal centered around bacon is a beautiful thing. Let’s just hope they hold a bacon-themed wedding to really keep the bacon love alive.

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