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Bacon is hugely popular. Food trucks are hugely popular. And yet, there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of Bacon Food Trucks. The most famous bacon food truck has to be San Francisco’s “Bacon Bacon.” They made national news, and even got on SNL’s “Weekend Update,” when they were forced to close down due to complaints about the overwhelming smell of bacon.

Another popular California truck is the “Bacon Mania” brand, which has two little mobile piggies serving different areas of the state: one for NorCal and one for SoCal. As you can imagine, the menu is heavily laden with the bacon. They’ve got bacon fries, bacon burgers, bacon chili, bacon grilled cheese, bacon mac ‘n cheese, and bacon desserts. I was able to visit the truck and sampled the following items.

The Jack Back Sammie
Thick-sliced egg bread, crisped and stuffed with Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Hickory Smoked Bacon. The middle of this grilled-cheese sandwich oozed bacon cheesy goodness, and the thick egg bread stood up well to the heavy demands placed on it. The bread had a crispy-thin exterior, but was soft on the inside. Lots of yummy contrasts of texture and flavor in this delicious sandwich!

Mac’n Bac’n
Baked Macaroni and Cheese, with Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Hickory- Smoked Bacon, with a bit of a tangy kick! This bacon mac ‘n cheese was excellent. I loved the spiciness of the creamy chipotle sauce, which amped up the flavor and elevated this dish far above your standard mac ‘n cheese. I wanted a bottle of sauce to take home!

Loaded Fries
Crispy shoestring fries topped with cheese and bacon. The bacon fries were good, but not great. I wished I’d ordered the ChiChee Fries, which are topped with chili, bacon and cheese. But, there’s always next time…

The truck was parked by “The Bruery,” an excellent brewery in the unfortunately-named town of Placentia. It had a wide selection of beers, and just about every type was available to sample. We brought our Bacon Mania grub into the brewery, designed our own flight, and had quite the cheesy, bacony, beer-y spread. Bacon and Beer Nirvana was happily achieved.

So, are you lucky enough to have a Bacon Food Truck in your neck of the woods?

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