Bacon Makes Appearance at Chocolate Show

The Chocolate Show in New York this weekend had a very special guest — bacon. Rhonda Kave, owner of the chocolate shop Roni-Sue’s, brought her chocolate-dipped bacon to the show and it was an instant hit.

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You don’t have to travel to the Chocolate Show to get your bacon fix though. If you’ve got $38 (plus $15 shipping) burning a hole in your pocket you can fill your belly with one pound of chocolate and bacony goodness from the comfort of your own home (or get half a pound for $20). Roni-Sue’s sells their “pig candy” as they call it at their online store. You can even choose between two types of chocolate to cover your bacon. Roni-Sue’s offers Callebaut Dark Chocolate, Callebaut Milk Chocolate, or a mix of both.

Hey Roni-Sue’s — got any samples you can send us?

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