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Consider the “Bacon Love!” mini day-to-day calendar from Andrews McMeel publishing. Although the publisher missed out on what would be a sales-boosting slogan for their company (“Without bacon, it’s not a McMeel!”), this stationery commodity delivers a great gift to bacon aficionados everywhere: namely that, with a recipe, quotation, trivia, or celebration on every one of 2011’s 365 days, never again will we let a day pass by without pausing to give thanks for bacon’s crisp and plentiful blessings.

Thinking about the year-long quantification of bacon’s virtues limned in the McMeel codex triggered in me a flashback (which is like fatback, but more nostalgic and less salty) to my high school days, when I was obsessed with the Broadway musical Rent. Yes, unlike the raw materials that constitute bacon, I have long been an incurable ham. What would Jonathan Larson’s Bohemian proto-hipsters have thought about this calendar? Well, it’s probably not their cup of herbal, fair trade, shade-grown tea, based on their predilection for pasta with meatless balls. What I meant to ask was, in the spirit of Rent‘s signature uplifting anthem “Seasons of Love”: how do you measure, measure a year? In rashers, in sizzle, in protein, in B3 (Niacin)…

Okay, on second thought, Rent is probably fine just the way it is (except for a few songs in the second act: I’m looking at you, “Your Eyes”) and the calendar is fine just the way McMeel created it. I don’t think I would want to eat five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred slices of bacon in one year at the rate of one per minute, but thinking about it makes me happy and optimistic about the opportunities for bacon love in the coming calendar year. Do you think they have rush delivery?

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