Bacon Lollipops

January 25, 2012 2:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We all know that bacon is meat candy. We also know about chocolate covered bacon. (If you didn’t know about chocolate covered bacon, you’re seriously missing out.)

Just like the title says: Bacon Lollipops. It’s sweet bacony goodness on a stick. And we have tried a few different versions of the bacon lollipop. We implore you to try the following below.

Man Bait Maple Bacon Lollipops:
These babies have little flecks of bacon inside and are a pretty amber color. They’re also a pretty flavorful mix of sweet maple and smoky bacon. Pretty delicious.They come five in a pack too!

BBQ Bacon Strip Lollipop:
These Lollipops are wavy like strips of bacon. They also have flecks of bacon inside of them. But the difference with these babies is that these have more of a BBQ taste and are a little smokier.

The Swirly Bacon Lollipop:
It’s a large swirly, stripey, bacony sucker of goodness. This lollipop is 4 inches in diameter and probably isn’t something you can eat in one sitting. (Size and taste is on the… yikes side.)

There you have it. Did you know that there was more than one bacon flavored lollipop? Did you even know that Bacon flavored lollipops existed? Well, if you were completely clueless to either of those things… now you know! You should probably get some. At least try them. Your life will be that much more enriched. Trust us.

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