Bacon Lemon Bars

October 18, 2008 6:58 pm Published by 3 Comments

If you’re keeping a list of recipes not to try, then this one belongs at the top. 

I know we have promoted the idea that bacon is wonderful and makes all things better. There is, however, a limit to that theory, and this is it. Bacon Lemon Bars came about while I was buying the ingredients for bacon brownies. I was in the grocery store looking at all the brownie varietals and there it was… a box of lemon bar mix.


So tangy. So irresistible. 

And I already had the bacon. How could I resist?

Well, I should have.

I made the bacon as specified in the bacon brownies post – cooked to brown on both sides, but not fully crispy. I then lined an 8″x8″ pan with the crust and baked it for about 10 minutes as per the instructions on the box. This is the crust mix before going into the oven…

And after receiving a quick pre-lemon bake…

While the crust was being prepared, I whisked up the rest of the mix. For those of you who like pretty pictures, it looked like this…

And then came the part when I should have known better. The part when I should have stopped. The part when even though every little nugget of common sense told me that bacon and lemon is a gross combination I still went through with adding bacon and cooking the lemon bars.

Think I’m exaggerating? Judge for yourself. This is right after I added the bacon to the lemon bar mix…

I only put bacon in half the mix so I could compare the lemon bars with and without bacon. 

Trust me, without is better.

Here’s what they looked like when they came out of the oven. I added some powdered sugar and hoped for the best.

Here’s the thing – lemon bars are great, but the puckery sweetness of a sweetened lemon mix just doesn’t want or need the salty amazingness of bacon.

The flavors collided. Disagreed. Argued. Fought. Bitched about each other to their friends. Bacon called Potato Chips and vented for an hour. Lemon called Chocolate and cried. 

In the end, they realized that maybe they were both to blame. They got a divorce as a matter of course and they parted the closest of friends. 

And I, as Bacon Today’s Head Chef, will never go back there again.

Bacon lemon bars are terrible. Consider yourself warned.

Smaste™ rating: 4.081

— Mike

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  • Mr. B. says:

    While we love bacon here at Bacon Today, we certainly appreciate the honest review Mike. Guess that’s the price you pay as Head Chef huh? Sometimes you have to take the good with the “OMG that is just disgusting” 🙂

    –Mr. B.

  • jojo says:

    hmm. maybe you should try again, making everything from scratch instead of a box… boxes are bad.

  • darnell swallows says:

    hey i think this is very rude

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