Bacon Jumps the Shark (or does it?)

December 12, 2008 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

Press Democrat writer Heather Irwin loves bacon. In fact, she loves it so much that she issued a “shark-jumping alert” for bacon in her December 3, 2008 article on

Where we disagree with her though, is when she claims that the candy of meats has fallen by the wayside in terms of hipness and popularity. We here at Bacon Today believe firmly that bacon has only begun its rise to the top of the food chain.

Ms. Irwin says that “Once there’s a trucker hat involved, I’m jumping ship.” She goes on to claim that “like all good trends, its rise to mass-market appeal ruined the specialness, the insider cache, the wink-wink, nudge-nudge factor.”

We beg to differ. Bacon is so amazingly wonderful that it’s above the need for the wink-wink, nudge-nudge factor. Forgive the pun but bacon is no flash in the pan. Bacon is here to stay and we will continue to bring you “daily updates on the world of sweet, sweet bacon” until the cockroaches declare the Earth no longer inhabitable.

Long live bacon!

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  • baconator says:

    She’s not wrong.

    Baconnaise? Ridiculous things wrapped in and formed from bacon? Complete overeating of the stuff? How many Bacon websites?

    Bacon’s overdone. Yeah. I said it. I’ve been saying it for a while now. Shark jumped about 23 episodes ago.

    But I still love it anyways.

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