Bacon. It’s The New Black.

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Bacon. It’s the new black. That’s right, I’m talking about bacon clothing. The same love for bacon that has driven us to add it to every culinary dish imaginable has also made people want to add it to every imaginable article of clothing. Men’s clothing, women’s clothing. Children’s clothing and dog clothing. And in some cases, this means literally covering one’s body in strips of bacon. Bacon clothing is not just for the novelty shop or the Halloween costume, either. Just as it has made the rounds in haute cuisine, it’s also making the rounds in the world of Haute Couture. But rest assured, there’s still plenty of zany bacon clothing to be found (you can always count on the Interweb for that, right)? Let’s begin.

Bacon Scarves:
Bacon scarves range from the truly gorgeous, like this first example, to the incredibly corny:
Natalie-Luder-Fou-Lard-aufgeschnitten1-700x527 - Copy

bacon scarf etsy - Copy

bacon scarf

Bacon Dresses:

Whether they’re adorning Baconfest Queens (as in this first example) or a runway model, bacon dresses are in in in!

bacon dress - Copy

bacon high fashion - Copy


bacon dress

Bacon Footwear:

Bacon Keds, Bacon Boots and Bacon Heels:

bacon keds - Copy

fashion-products-bacon-7 - Copy


Bacon clothing for the guys:

bacon shirt - Copy


awkward bacon family photo - Copy

Don’t forget about Fido!


If this article has inspired you to create your own bacon clothing, bacon fabric will help you achieve your vision:


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