Bacon is the New Black

July 18, 2011 5:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

This article is written by Ashley Bayles, and can be Found Here.

I tried to calm down my bacon obsession a little bit over the past while. I even removed a few of my posts about bacon off this blog. Yes, I tried to change history.  Maybe that makes me a bad person in someone’s books, but I know you will forgive me. I find every year around my birthday, bacon reappears in my life and becomes a strong element of my dad to day living. My friends know that even if I talk about bacon less frequently, my love for it is still as strong as ever. My friends always seem to get me something bacon related around my birthday. Bacon salt, bacon wallets, bacon air fresheners, bacon bandages…. the list goes on.

A girl I used to work with, Noelle, would make me bacon at the office and deliver it to my desk. She would even cover it in syrup and brown sugar sometimes. She was everyone’s favorite for the simple reason that she provided bacon. I am not working there right now since I am doing my Bachelor of Education full-time, but she still brings the bacon love. Noelle went so far as to recently organize a KFC double down lunch day at the office. The jury didn’t seem to be such a fan of this one, although one of our still co-workers managed to eat three of them for lunch that day!

Then yesterday, I stopped by the office since Noelle said she had a birthday present she had made for me. I show up and jokingly asked if she had made some bacon for me. I obviously underestimated the woman. She hadn’t made bacon for me. She had gone one step further. She had made BACON CHOCOLATE for me! Homemade! Then she wrapped each piece up individually for me. How sweet is that? It was so delicious and unexpected. That right there is true friendship. Sorry for the low quality image, I didn’t really want to stop eating it just to take a photo, so I did a quick BlackBerry shot as I was eating it.

Bacon is the new black. It is officially better than black. And now you can drink it! Thank you to J&D and Jones Soda!

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