Bacon in Brussels – Part I

June 30, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts


I was in Liege, Belgium last week and had some degree of trouble locating any regular-old streaky bacon. The closest thing I was able to dig up was this smoked prosciutto, seen here as modeled by my Parisian friend Marc.

Any friend of mine is a friend of bacon, and Marc was very happy to have some of this fine cut of meat on his breakfast plate.

What the Belgians seem to lack in true bacon, they make up for in overall presentation. There was apple juice, orange juice, coffee, hot chocolate, assorted breakfast pastries, cereal, fresh fruit and lots of butter, yogurt and other dairy products.

The prosciutto was very tasty with just a hint of smokiness. We ate it on breakfast rolls with butter and it really made the meal.

Belgian Prosciutto Smaste™ Rating: 29.855

— Mike

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