Bacon Imitates Art

May 25, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We have never mentioned Sir Francis Bacon on this site before today. Go ahead and do a search in the box above. Sure, if you type in “Francis” and click “search” you’ll get seven or eight article returns, but those will all be articles that mention “San Francisco”. We made a conscious decision about a year ago that this site would be dedicated to all the best news about bacon and not about people named bacon. With the exception of a couple of relevant stories about actor Kevin Bacon, we have held true to that decision. 

Finally, though, we have found a topical story about the famous Sir Francis Bacon. Glasstire’s Roy Neinast had a serious eureka moment while he was looking for a unique angle on the whole swine flu thing. As an online journal of visual art in Texas, Glasstire writers are always seeking out great bits of art to write about. This side-by-side comparison of the art of Sir Francis Bacon to the Food of Bacon is really clever. Granted, it doesn’t really represent the visual art of the Great State of Texas, but it sure is creative, and we support that.

Here’s one of the many clever juxtopositions made by Roy…


Very clever, and very creative. There are a bunch of these comparisons at Glasstire. Check them out for yourself.

— Mike

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