Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt Cheeseburger

November 5, 2008 12:01 am Published by 20 Comments

I’ve seen this one in a few places, so I’m not sure who gets credit for inventing it. The first place I found it, though, was over at where they tend to have great stories about all kinds of food-related topics.

In October, they discussed the bacon hamburger fatty melt and let me tell you, my inner Smasteulator&#0153 exploded. This thing is made of two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, which are used as the bun for a bacon cheeseburger. That’s right, this sandwich is made by stacking bread, bacon, cheese, bread, burger, cheese, bacon, bread, cheese, bacon and bread. WOW!

It might not be medically advisable to make and eat this sandwich, but it does look so crazy tasty that I’m not sure if I can walk away. 

I understand, of course, that this sandwich has the same ingredients as a standard bacon cheeseburger. The proportional balance is different, though, and the grilled bread is most definitely a unique addition. 

So maybe I’ll make one, and try just one bite. (Okay, five bites.)

— Mike


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