Bacon Got Back – Ireland Style

Let’s put this post in a new category and let’s call that category “Bacon Around the World”. This post goes out to our bacon-loving sisters and brothers across the pond in the incredible country of Ireland.

Hello, friends. Today we’re going to pay tribute to a slightly different flavor of bacon. You see, as it’s known in the States, bacon is a long, thin, marbled slice of pork that is designed to be pan fried and is often served crispy when served by itself.

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Irish Bacon takes a slightly different route. Most sources agree that Irish Bacon is very similar to what Americans know as Canadian Bacon. It’s a flatter slice of meat taken from the back of the pig (also known as Back Bacon).

I’ve never been treated to proper Irish Bacon, although I have had my share of the Canadian stuff, so if we assume a true similarity, then I’m prepared to assign a pre-Smaste™ rating of 28.774 for the Emerald Isle delight.

Have you eaten Irish bacon? Leave a comment to let us know about it and send in your favorite recipe if you have one. We’ll cook up the one that sounds best and tell you all about it.

— Mike

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