Bacon Goes Cinema Verite

September 1, 2008 3:00 pm Published by 2 Comments

In a move that will make any self-righetous film student squeal with the kind of glee usually reserved for new Tarantino movies, some YouTuber out there has posted a true to life bacon frying session. This video is every bacon lover’s dream, and is the perfect post to start off this new week and month. For 5 mouth watering minutes our senses are teased with all the sizzle, pop and flipping that is involved in frying bacon.

There is no dialogue, no actors, no pretense. Just heat, metal and yes, sweet sweet bacon. Look for a supporting appearance by long-time friend of bacon, the egg. I recommend plugging in your best pair of headphones and cranking the volume up from COOK to SIZZLE. (Sizzle is just past 11 on any respectable bacon lover’s stereo system.)

Let’s step up, bacon community, and see how many response videos we can post to this amazing bit of bacon cinema.


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