Bacon Gingerbread Sponge Cakes

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Bacon Gingerbread Sponge Cakes

People like to say that the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. And while I most definitely agree, I also like to say it’s the most wonderful time for our mouths! It’s nearly impossible to go through the holiday season without thinking about and eating deliciously sweet desserts.

These Bacon Gingerbread Sponge Cakes help prove the point about mouths having a good time during this season, too. These light, airy cakes are filled with smoke, maple, and ginger flavors that will have your tongue wishing the season will never end. Loaded up with tons of yummy bacon, these sponge cakes are sure to please all of your family and friends! So don’t wait any longer and get bacon! … and bakin’!



From The World of Sweet, Sweet Bacon.

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