Bacon Gift Ideas

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With the huge and ever increasing popularity of gourmet bacon throughout the world, more and more people are looking to everyone’s favorite meat to come up with some truly fun, interesting and unique gift ideas for the holidays and beyond.

The truth is, when you truly LOVE bacon, there isn’t a time of year, month, week or day that you aren’t anything but absolutely thrilled to have more and more bacon all around you, whether you are eating it, wearing it or washing with it!

For a birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, wedding, anniversary or “just because,” here are some of the most popular bacon gifts that are making recipients of “pork presents” happy all year round.

#1. Bacon of the Month Club

Every year, the Bacon of the Month Club Subscription keeps coming in first place as the most unique, most appreciated and most popular bacon gift. Having gourmet bacon delivered to your door every month is the ultimate luxury for any bacon fan.  Choose from King Size, Bacon Plus Bonus, Gluten Free….. we’ve got you covered.

bacon of the month club

#2. Bacon Food and Drink

Gourmet goodies made with real bacon are super popular. From bacon jam, bacon popcorn, bacon bark and bacon chocolate, the sky’s the limit!
#3. Bacon Clothing:

Bacon shirts and hoodies will keep your favorite bacon fan warm, stylish and entertained by their funny slogans.


#4. Bacon Gift Certificates

For that person who is sooo hard to buy for. You know who we’re talking about! For the person who has everything, because one most certainly can NEVER have enough bacon!

#5. Bacon Samplers

What better way to make that dream come true, than with a gourmet Bacon Sampler? These Samplers include a selection of gourmet bacons, a t-shirt and a gift box for easy gift giving.

#6. Bacon

Gourmet bacon as a gift for a bacon lover. Well, duh!

cooked parchment bacon oven baked bake cooking how to

#7. Sausage

After bacon, sausage is the next best thing! Sausage goes with bacon anytime, anywhere or is wonderful all by itself. It’s also great for emergency bacon food supplies.

#8. Bacon Pancakes

For the ultimate bacon breakfast, how about some Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix or Maple Bacon Pancake Mix?

#9. Bacon Novelties

With items like, bacon lip balm, bacon air freshener, bacon beans, bacon magnets and bacon caps, bacon novelties are fun gifts for stockings or white elephant parties.

#10. Bacon Coffee

Waking up to Bacon Coffee is almost as wonderful as the smell of bacon frying for breakfast!

Bag of Boss Hog maple bacon coffee beans and a I Love Bacon Mug with two strips of cooked bacon as swizzle sticks.

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