Bacon Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Guide for gifts for Moms who love bacon

Bacon Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

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Dads shouldn’t be the only ones who score bacon on their big day. Moms love bacon just as much as dads do. We’ve created this Mother’s Day Bacon Gift Guide for the mom who loves bacon. In other words, just about every mom you know. Make Mother’s Day sizzle with BACON!

Mother’s Day Bacon Bundles

Filled with assorted bacon goodies, these bacon gift bundles are for the mom who lives by the motto that “variety is the bacon spice of life.”

The Mom Nom Nom Bacon Bundle is filled with all sorts of bacon goodies. With Bacon & Chocolate in the same gift box, you’re sure to win her heart all over again.

Bacon Freak Mother’s Day Sampler makes an awesome breakfast with both sweet and savory packs of bacon along with a Bacon is Meat Candy t-shirt, she’ll remember you and the delicious bacon every time she wears it.

The Happy Mom Bacon Bundle is a collection of fun, useful and tasty treats that are sure to make mom “squeal” with delight!

Sweet, sweet bacon

This bacon is sweet — literally! Many of’s delicious bacons have a hint of sweetness. Some of our favorites include Maple Cinnamon, Honey BBQ Rubbed, Apple Pie Bacon and Hickory Smoked Maple Bacon.

Boss Hog Honey BBQ Bacon
Boss Hog Honey BBQ Bacon

Bacon Chocolates for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t complete without chocolates. These chocolate covered hickory smoked bacon confections are available in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate, depending on mom’s preference.

Dark Chocolate Double dipped hickory smoked bacon
Dark Chocolate Double dipped hickory smoked bacon

Bacon T-Shirts for Ladies

Of all the bacon t-shirt designs out there, this is one of our favorites. It’s a good reminder in any mom’s hectic, busy life. Keep calm. Eat bacon.

keep calm eat bacon t-shirt


Bacon Cookbooks for Mom

Great Bacon deserves some great cookbooks and we’ve got a few, like our Bacon Freak “50 Savory Recipes for the Ultimate Enthusiast” or  “101 Things to do with Bacon” by Eliza Cross and more that are filled with tons of bacontastic recipes that will help keep mom’s creative spark alive in the kitchen.


Bacon Aprons for Cooking

Mom’s bacon aprons will stay clean and tidy as she cooks up those delicious bacon recipes. These aprons are functional and stylish!

Cooking apron that says "praise the lard" with pig line drawing

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