Bacon Funeral Home

June 12, 2010 5:00 am Published by 1 Comment

Bacon Today reader Alison S. was walking by the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington D.C. and saw something she just had to send in to us.

The Bacon Funeral Home.

Is this a place where bacon lovers go to pay their last respects? Is this where you take your poor bacon when someone takes the “extra” in extra crispy just a bit too far?

To be honest, at first we thought this was a clever Photoshop job when we first saw the pictures, but in fact the W H Bacon Funeral Home is a real facility. Take a look at the Bacon Funeral Home on Google maps.

A quick Google search reveals another Bacon Funeral Home in Willimantic, CT that has operated since 1916.

We’ve all lost some tasty bacon to the frying pan, the family dog, or just clumsily dropped a slice on the floor. Let’s all take a brief moment of silence for our fallen pork…

Now go cook up some sweet, sweet bacon!

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