Bacon Freak presents: the Bacon-Scented T-Shirt

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Bacon Freak presents: the Bacon-Scented T-Shirt

You’ve seen impressive bacon apparel before, but you ain’t seen nothing yet! Or should we say, you ain’t smelled nothing yet… brings you the “Got Bacon?” t-shirt with the actual scent of bacon. It’s no joke. Bacon-scented apparel is finally here! You won’t believe your nose!

This t-shirt boasts a succulent, sizzling piece of bacon, but what’s even more impressive is that this t-shirt not only looks great, it smells great too! And the amazing bacon scent will last for 10-12 washes!


We’ve already received a lot of questions about this t-shirt. Like, “Does it really smell like bacon?” Yes it does!

“Does it smell artificial?” No way! It smells like freshly-cooked bacon.

“Does it taste like bacon?” Eww. We don’t know but please don’t try eating this t-shirt!

Using a technologically advanced, scent-based printing method, we add a layer of “secret sauce” (no, it’s not bacon grease) to the design. This clear layer gives the bacon strip its glisten and its scent. Sure to impress even the most particular bacon lover, this tee is a must-have item for any bacon fan!

The secret is in the final layer of printing. Using a proprietary and patented ink manufacturing process, the bacon scent is very similar to bubble wrap. Imagine a microscopic layer of bubble wrap printed on the bacon strip image. Each of the hundreds of thousands of tiny bubbles has the powerful scent of bacon locked inside. Through regular wear, these tiny bubbles pop and release the scent of bacon! No scratch and sniff here, the bacon scent is activated when the t-shirt leaves our factory and arrives to your door smelling like your morning breakfast.

The scent of bacon will be distinct for 10-12 washes after which point it will begin to fade, and eventually after time, the scent will fade permanently, but the amazing print and glisten of the bacon strip will remain.

Just be careful walking down the street. Men, women, children, dogs and quite possibly cats will be magnetically drawn to you and you might find yourself being sniffed by strangers and strange animals… It’s so worth it though. Drive your co-workers mad. Be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Be the first in your office and family to sport the Bacon-Scented T-Shirt!

And stay tuned for even more bacon-scented items! What products would you like to see Bacon Freak apply this technology to?

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