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Here’s the heartwarming story of Gertrude Baines. She lives in Los Angeles, loves bacon, and at 114 years old is now the oldest person in the world. This is an incredible woman who has lived through an amazing period of both American and world history.

Forget for a second that she was born before television existed and before the airplane was invented. Forget that she potentially could have made a phone call to Alexander Graham Bell. Forget that she has been alive during three centuries. Forget that when she was born she would have had to go the long way if she wanted to take a boat from New York to LA. Forget that she is an African American woman who was born to former-slave parents, lived through the civil rights movement and then voted for Barack Obama and has now lived to see an African American elected as President.

Forget all that.

What really sets this woman apart is that she credits her longevity to “religious faith, doing the right thing and the occasional piece of crispy bacon“.

Fry it up, folks, and shoot for the stars. If you eat bacon, you could live forever.

(Note:, its employees and its affiliates do not actually recommend the eating of bacon and bacon related products for the specific purpose of personal longevity. Bacon has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Bacon may not be valid in Delaware. Shipping and handling extra.)

— Mike

Special thanks to the numerous BT readers who sent us the lead on this story.

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