Bacon Food Truck: Get Your Lardon!

January 16, 2012 2:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It all started late one night, with a beer and a taco sitting on my lap.

After a night on the town, my friends and I being the traditional Los Angelenos that we are, had just gotten back from the local Taqueria. We sat on plastic folding chairs in the back yard and discussed all the great tasting food in the world. And even though it was an April night, we still tried to get the fire pit going. As I raised the taco to my lips, my friend proclaimed, “Do you know that there’s a bacon food truck around here?”

And that’s all it took. Since hearing those words, I became obsessed with learning more about this bacon truck and finding out where it was going to be next. I scoured the internet and finally found the name of the truck and their site. Oh, behold the glorious world of bacon! The pictures! Oh, the pictures! With a menu consisting of a brioche French toast sandwich filled with crumbled bacon and bacon bourbon maple syrup… I was drooling all over my keyboard. And they’re asking me if I could “Like” them on Facebook? Of course I will “Like” you on Facebook! I will like you in real life too. As a matter of fact, I want to love you! Just tell me where you’ll be next!

It wasn’t until a very long, dragging week later that I finally got to experience the Lardon Bacon Food Truck. I found out they were going to be at my local pub and I decided that it was time for a night out. A night out with bacon of course!

After waiting in a long line of bacon hungry people, I decided upon what they called the “The Baco”. A ball of potatoes and cheddar, wrapped in a bacon shell, served with a horseradish bacon sour cream. After the first bite, my taste buds had transcended to another level of bacon awareness. I had reached the gates of Heaven and they were made of bacon strips.

On their menu, they also had the most amazing chicken wings I had ever heard of. Chicken wings cooked in bacon hot sauce, topped with hot sauce covered bacon, and served with bacon bleu cheese dipping sauce. Now, for those of you that like chicken wings, I would highly recommend this. For those of you that don’t live anywhere in the Los Angeles area, and want your own chicken wings cooked in bacon hot sauce, douse your chickies with this bad boy.

A little background on this glorious truck: It was started by Heather and Jeremiah Crowley. One sunny day in Silver Lake, they were sitting on their porch drinking margaritas when they realized that they needed to open a bacon restaurant. And after Heather had finished her Master’s at UCLA; she had worked on many food trucks and learned the business of food trucking. Not long afterward, the two bacon connoisseurs took their idea of a bacon restaurant and transformed it into a bacon food truck. That’s when their truck hit the road, telling people to “Get their Lardon”, and the Crowley family of five hasn’t looked back since.

Follow them on twitter or “Like” their Facebook page. Or even check out their website for the full menu!

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