Bacon Fail at Burger King

May 6, 2009 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

This weekend we visted the Burger King fast food restaurant in Superior, WI. Upon entering the establishment we spied the following sign on the front counter.


Only $3.68 for a bacon cheeseburger combo meal? Our order was already decided for us. Bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a soda — yum!

We waited in anticipation for order number 168 to be called. We grabbed the tray off the counter and rushed back to the table to begin our feast. After unwrapping the burger we saw this…


The burger didn’t look like anything special, but certainly didn’t look horrible. One thing was missing however — where was the bacon peeking out from under the bun like you usually see on a good bacon burger? Further investigation was required so we popped the hood.


Look at that. We got maybe half a slice of whimpy, flimsy, paper-thin bacon on top of that single slice of American cheese. Poorly cooked and terribly presented, this bacon cheeseburger from Burger King is a complete BACON FAIL.

Good thing our next stop was bacon at Sonic Drive-In. Little did we know that Sonic was about to save our bacon today.

Smaste™ rating for this burger: a very low 17.898.

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1 Comment

  • Lars Vargas says:

    Burger King is just plain fail all around, although I do occasionally desire some of their processed onion-flavor rings.

    I once ordered triple bacon on a Whopper at 60 cents per order. I got 3 flabby, awful slices of something that might have been bacon in an alternate universe where bacon is not meat candy or revered in any way.

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