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April 21, 2009 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

A friend of a friend (strong source, I know) told me that there was a fire at a bacon factory in Pomona. I thought, “this would be the perfect subject for tonight’s article”. Try as I might, however, I couldn’t find anything during my exhaustive two-minute search of Google News, so I figured that it was either untrue, or just not yet newsworthy.

If, however, there is in fact a Pomona bacon factory fire, then I may just have become the first reporter to break the story, and of that I am (theoretically) immensely proud.

During my search for the fire, though, I did come across this little gem of a family business. The Bacon Equipment Company has been family owned and operated since 1947. An announcement on their home page proclaims, “Welcome to, the new online home of Bacon Equipment Company. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of fire detection, alarm, and suppression systems for many special fire hazards. We have proudly served the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas for over 60 years. Please browse through our website and if you have any questions, please contact our office!”

Whether you’re a Boeing rep looking for a great aircraft-certified fire suppression system or a Texas State-certified Fire Marshall looking for a career, this could be the place for you.

Plus, they call themselves “Bacon”, so they’ve got that going for them.

— Mr. B

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