Bacon Eating World Record Broken by Matt Stonie

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Bacon Eating World Record Broken by Matt Stonie

Bacon Eating World Record Broken by Matt Stonie

Image: Gerardo Mora/Smithfield

Matt “Megatoad” Stonie recently blew the world record for bacon eating out of the water by eating 182 slices in 5 minutes. That’s almost 6 lbs. of bacon with a whopping 28,000 mg of sodium! The event was sponsored by Smithfield and took place at the Dayton 500 in Daytona, Florida. The previous record was held by Mark “The Human Vacuum” Lyle, who had consumed a measly 54 pieces in 5 minutes.

According to Stonie, the bacon was prepared just the way he likes it. Or, just the way he needs it prepared to eat it “fast and furious.” In an interview with Huffington Post, Stonie said: “The bacon was cooked just the way I like it—a little crispy because I don’t like having to chew it.” He added: “It can’t be too crispy and if it’s not warm when I get it, the fat coagulates into lard.” Stonie’s approach involves grabbing fistfuls of bacon, bending it in half, stuffing it away with a water chaser. The technique definitely paid off for the world-record holder.

When he’s not competing, Stonie claims to love bacon and considers it a breakfast favorite. “”I love bacon,” says Stonie. “It goes with everything.” It does indeed, sir. It does indeed.

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