Bacon de Provence

December 4, 2010 5:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Those food sophisticates at The New York Times recently wrote about this upscale bacon, and of course it caught our eye. Who among us bacon lovers wouldn’t try meat candy from France, anyway?

Hailing from the sunny region of Provence, this artisanal bacon is smoked and lathered in the fabled herbs de provence from the area. Imagine the French countryside awash in fennel, basil, thyme and other flavors. Then imagine such wild, herbal goodness lathered onto cuts of fatty pork belly. That should begin to give you the picture.

Here’s the great thing about craft-quality bacon like this: You can take bacon like the exotic stuff from Provence, cook it, and immediately jack up the quality of any sandwich or salad. Can you imagine bacon like this dressing up a grilled cheese sandwich with good cheddar or jack? How about a BLT, or maybe a tomato salad with chunks of the bacon crumbled over it?

When you look at different styles of cured bacon, you see more and more possibilities. And that’s really what bacon is all about: Expanding your culinary horizons with deep, rich flavors and doing so with an affordable indulgence.

With the holiday season now here, affordable luxuries are a welcome addition to any kitchen. Bacon is a perfect gift for loved ones, and it’s just as good when you treat yourself. Buy some today and share the love!

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