Bacon Cures 101 – Class Proves Taste Is More Than Just Skin Deep!

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A popular Portland, OR butcher and renowned chef, Berlin Reed, will start teaching a series of three classes designed to teach bacon enthusiasts the various “ins and outs” of the numerous, flavorful cures (taste enhancers) used throughout the bacon industry, as well as a few special “custom concoctions” of his own, to make the worlds greatest ever flavor (BACON) taste even better!

Chef and butcher Berlin Reed is the insightful and informative writer behind “The Ethical Butcher a website and blog dedicated to his authentically held moral principals and driven by his sincerely valued personal relationships with the local, small farm owners, as well as his deep love of food and respect for the animals we eat, along with the environment on which we all depend.

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acon is the ultimate, perfect food, but have you ever wanted to know more about the plethora of herbs, spices, vegetables, flowers, fruit, spirits and other flavorful factors that are infused by manual meat massage in order to create a taste that is utterly unique and found no where else on Planet Earth?

Then you definitely need to get yourself to Portland for this 3-part series of classes, which begins August 10th and covers a god solid education and ample samples of bacon cured with fruits and flowers. Then, the following week, on the 17th, Chef Berlin will present bacon cured with various coffees, teas and spirits, all culminating on Aug. 24th, were the coarse focuses on all kinds of delicious glazes and crusts, including the age-old traditions of rolling bacon slabs in everything from oatmeal to pea meal.lasses cost $40 per session or you can get the package deal of all 3 for only $100. For more information, check out Chef Berlin’s blog.

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  • It is too bad this was just posted! I have since repeated the series, however since I am planning some extensive travel over the next few months there won’t be another series until the holidays come around. Please check the blog for the next round of classes, I’ll post them a few weeks before the class takes place!

    Thanks for your interest!

  • BetterThanAndrew says:

    Argh! Why would someone post this after the fact!? Now it exists to mock me!

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