Bacon Cups (AKA Bacon Bowls)

Who needs salad bowls when you have bacon? Megan over at “Not Martha” created one of the most fantastic uses of bacon we’ve ever seen with her Bacon Cups.

She started by weaving the bacon into a small mat, then layed the woven bacon over foil-covered, upside-down muffin pans. Ingenius! After that she cooked the bacon in the oven at 400 degrees until the bacon was extra-crispy and would hold the bowl shape once removed from the muffin pans.

She does warn chefs trying this culinary triumph to beware of oven fires. The bacon grease can start a blaze in the oven if you don’t constantly monitor it while cooking.

–Mr. B.

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  1. Russell "Bacon" O'Brien says:

    AN IDEA IS BORN!!! stainless steal or similar mesh wire/screen bent into a bowl shape and placed over the bacon in the oven. This will allow the heat to reach the bacon without affecting the bacony goodness

  2. GreeCFree says:

    Bacon from can cut down on the risk of oven fires. I tried some this weekend and I was amazed at the incredibly low level of oil and popping. Yet still delicious. MMMMmmm. Highly recommended.

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